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The friendly staff includes store manager Jordan Lenz, Maxine Baker, Greg Huntermark, Pete Rios, Heath Kahn and Kathy Putman.

House of Meats celebrates 10 years in business

This month Lee Williams House of Meats is celebrating 10 years of business in Rossford, offering customers high quality meats and friendly customer service.
The local business, owned by Jane Turski and Leslie Furman, is at 941 Dixie Highway.
“A variety of produce, marinades, groceries, cheeses and the warmth of the community is what makes this store complete,” Ms. Turski said.
The House of Meats prides itself on a fine selection of meat.
“Our customers want quality and freshness,” she explained.
Some of their most popular items are the oven-ready homemade meatloaf and marinated chicken breasts, with flavors such as butter garlic, honey barbecue and tomato basil.
The House of Meats homemade stuffing is sought after as a stand-alone dish, or in stuffed pork chops and stuffed chicken breasts.
“We make our own stock as the base for the stuffing with fresh onions and celery,” Ms. Turski explained.
They also are carrying Naturally Better grass-fed beef in steaks, roasts and ground chuck.
Soon the store will offer a selection of organic fruits and vegetables.
The deli offers a variety of hams and turkeys, along with their homemade sausage, kielbasa, brats, smoked sausage and hot dogs.
As opposed to big box stores, Ms. Turski emphasized that customers can choose from smaller size orders and better prices.
“You can get just two steaks, if that’s what you want. We have the quantities to fit whatever size household.”
They provide free seasonings and marinades on steaks, roasts and ribs, and some items are even grill-ready.
Meat purchases come with free freezer bags, and all orders are individually wrapped as the customer desires.
Helpful recipes also are printed on the price tags.
In addition, House of Meats offers curbside service.
“You can call in to 419-666-0091 and place an order,” Ms. Turski explained. “We’ll get it ready and bring it out to your car.”
Customers also can text HOM to 31996 to receive coupons in a weekly text message.
Email coupons are available at the House of Meats website www.houseofmeats. com.
“We appreciate our customers’ loyalty, and we thank everyone who is shopping at and supporting local businesses,” Ms. Turski said.


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