• Allan Michael Ostrander “BIG O”

Allan Michael Ostrander “BIG O”

2-4-84 ~ 7-31-20

Allan’s greatest passion was music, and he loved to sing and play the guitar for anyone at anytime. This gift made him the life of any party, and over time he became known as “Good Time Al.” He loved the outdoors, with his perfect scenario being near a body of water with his toes in the sand. Allan enjoyed watching football, and was a devout fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Denver Broncos. Being a kid at heart, he loved spending time with his two girls (McKenzie and Autumn), as well as his 17 nieces and nephews. He turned his life over to the Lord, just three months ago, and was baptized the weekend before he passed. He was committed to building his new life on a firm foundation, so on June 6, 2020, he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Melissa O’Neill. They were set to be married next year, and were only two weeks away from closing on their new home. Allan lived life on his terms and always insisted that he had no regrets, with any mistakes being part of a learning curve. We were able to witness the transformation of his life, and his increased desire to be close to God and his will, over these last few months. So while we naturally grieve the loss of a Future Husband, Father, Son, Grandson, Brother, Uncle and Nephew, we are at peace knowing that he has now transitioned to a place more conducive with his free and loving spirit.

To honor his wishes, family and friends gathered to celebrate his life on August 13, 2020.

We also will continue to support the children’s charities that were near and dear to his heart. If you would like to send condolences, in lieu of flowers, you also can make a donation to: Save the Children or ALCCU, in his memory.


Sentiments from Family:

“Grandma”–Yvonne Lindauer ~ My heart is heavy because I couldn’t wait to see you in this “New Chapter” of life, and witness the enthusiasm you had for The Lord and for your future. I find peace in knowing that you are now in God’s loving arms. When you were here, you always made sure to offer any help you could for me and Grandpa, and I will forever cherish those memories. You were my first born Grandson, and will always hold a special place in my heart

“Sister”–Ashley Sarrica ~ Dear Big Brother, I am so incredibly blessed for the time we shared together. You made it a point to speak kind words, and always listened to others. You loved The Lord, sought him frequently, which made your decisions intentional, and allowed you to live your life with no regrets. You have taught me so much, without even knowing. You are a good man, an awesome Father, and I couldn’t have asked for a better Uncle for my children. I love you and I will forever miss you. Please continue to watch over, lead and guide us. There is a hole in my heart without you here that I know will not mend, until we meet again, My Brother.

“Sister”–Brooke Ostrander ~ Dear Brother, our blood doesn’t define our love or relationship, you were always my brother and I will always be your Sis. I will remember you as the silly, fun loving guy and your outstanding talent for music. You were gone before we knew it, but only God knows why. As our hearts ache with sadness, I can rest assure that you are singing with the Angels. You will truly be missed here on earth. Until we meet again, rest easy My Brother.

“Aunt Shell”~ My heart is broken, and struggling with why you had to depart so soon, but is also at peace with the fact that you lived life on your terms, with no regrets, and by doing that, you have left your mark in this world, and in my heart. Now you have transitioned to a place more conducive to your spirit, and I know you are in perfect peace. I will always cherish the conversations we had, the unspoken ability to just get one another, and that you trusted me with your greatest vulnerabilities. I will miss hearing you sing, and getting to listen to your latest production, but at the same time, found myself smiling at the notion of you singing for “Our King” eternally. Until we meet again, Fly High, My Beloved Nephew.

“Mother”–Bonnie Ostrander (Brewer) ~ My first born, my beautiful baby boy, My Son Allan Michael. I loved you more than life itself and I was determined to make your life brighter. My love for you was on purpose and centered on God’s perfect will for your life. Sometimes our plans are not His plans, and although it’s hard, I have to somehow be okay with this detour, and trust that the God I serve has written a greater ending to this story, that I currently can’t see now. I do know that if God granted you a choice that you chose to stay with Him. My heart is torn to pieces, by this unimaginable loss, but I know my faith has to preserve over my pain, by always remembering that you were kind hearted, loving, smart, adventurous and courageous enough to be different, but challenge the “status quo” of this world. I love you Son and will miss you and I’m forever thankful for the time God gave us. But until I can hold you in my arms again, Grandma, Grandpa Billy Joe and Uncle John get to hold you in theirs. Love Mom

You left us here to live our lives

without your smile and laughing eyes

without your humor and your song

each day without you feels so wrong

I wanted more time for our hearts to mend

though I’ve loved you forever, without end

But I know as I pray in the light of the moon that even,

Forever Woul d Have Been To o Soon

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